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New Zealand Artist exhibiting in LA and London and the virtual world of Second Life!

Multi potentialite

I read an article and bought a book when I read that I am a multi potentialite... someone who has the potential of being interested in many things and being good in various activities. Good to know I am not alone. No need to be put inside a box and be cramped into a mould that is not me. No wonder even in my art, I have many interest and a diverse ability to get involved in a varied genre, topic, types of artistic ventures. I paint abstract, figurative, ethnic, fantasy... I write songs that are pop, alternative, slow rock, jazzy... I design clothing, I am a hairstylist, I am interested in business, languages, food... And I want to do it all! I own a restaurant in Bali, exhibited my art in London and LA, Auckland, Jakarta... I had my own line of t shirts, I drew, I paint, I crafted... This is me. And I am many other ways.

Musings of a Creative

You may think it is easy being a creative person... but sometimes, it can be torturous... Those of you blessed with such a trait will know what I mean. You stay up at night while laying in bed, mind going at a hundred miles an hour... conjuring all these wonderful thoughts of what you can do, want to do and what would be if.... You toss and turn but the thoughts wont go away. So sometimes you get up and type away all those big and grand dreams. You feel invincible... Then you wake up later and reality sets in and most of your dreams remains just that. Tucked in storage as you get ready for work in the real world. Unless of course, you have the time and money to put into action some of those deliciously creative thoughts you had. I still want to see my art on fashion, Interior decoration and on walls of cool homes. I still want to own that Cafe with a spot for my art and a spot for live entertainment and store selling my products. I worked at two cafes for a few years just so I know how to make good coffee and will know the running of a cafe. So in a way I have been proactive in turning my dream into reality. it is taking a long while but at least I am not just dreaming my life away... When I was in London, I mentioend to the group that I want to return soemday with my art on fashion. I still do. I wish I can bring over Made in NZ.. but to find the makers.. is almost impossible. But I am still hopeful... So if you know of anyone who still own a factory somewhere in good ole NZ... See you at one of my dreams turned into reality someday!    

Amanda Tomasoa’s Artistic Site

Hello friends and potential friends! Thank you for stopping by my web site. I hope you will enjoy getting to know me and let me get to know a bit about you too. I have exciting plans ahead.. both in my art, my songwriting and my Steampunk escapes. It is a hobby of mine where I get to dress up and gather with like minded people in costume play. Hopefully, I will be starting my new art series soon and I am thinking Whimsical or Steampunk.. or both! Please sign up if you want to stay abreast of what will happen in future in my world. 🙂 Thanking you.... Amanda