Multi potentialite

I read an article and bought a book when I read that I am a multi potentialite… someone who has the potential of being interested in many things and being good in various activities.

Good to know I am not alone. No need to be put inside a box and be cramped into a mould that is not me.

No wonder even in my art, I have many interest and a diverse ability to get involved in a varied genre, topic, types of artistic ventures.

I paint abstract, figurative, ethnic, fantasy… I write songs that are pop, alternative, slow rock, jazzy… I design clothing, I am a hairstylist, I am interested in business, languages, food… And I want to do it all!

I own a restaurant in Bali, exhibited my art in London and LA, Auckland, Jakarta… I had my own line of t shirts, I drew, I paint, I crafted…

This is me. And I am many other ways.