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Amanda Tomasoa New Zealand Artist

Amanda Tomasoa

Amanda Tomasoa's art can be found at Debut Contemporary at 82 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RT, UK and Kouroush Fine Arts Gallery in Agora Hills, LA, USA. Amanda has gone through enough in life to know how it feels to be repressed and the euphoria of being set free. She knows about having inner strength and finding beauty in the ugliness of the world. She is an artist, songwriter, craft person and public speaker all rolled into one! Among her professional artist tools, Amanda enjoys using a humble piece of plastic scraper to  add that extra dimension of paint to her art pieces. Though she has proven to herself and her critiques that she can deliver delicate romantic art, her favourite works are those born out of difficult challenges... like the years when road works were undertaken all over Auckland city and right in front of her home. Bold in colours, rough and rugged in shapes, deliberately done to look like life, she embedded stories to them... hidden figures of people living in the city, road signs depicting the speed limit, detours, frustrations, confusion, the respite and the beauty  despite what life throws at us. Colours burst forth blatantly fighting against the mundaness that sometimes creeps in to our everyday lives.Amanda uses colours that brightens up a space to remind us life is to be lived. Stand up world... you need not be invisible!

9 thoughts on “Amanda Tomasoa”

  1. Hi Amanda,
    Your art is amazing! I enjoyed reading the article in yesterday’s County News!
    Our local school, Karaka School, is having their first Art Exhibition next term (mid-June) and we’d love to talk to you about display options and if we could invite you to come along, to support our exhibition, and perhaps to promote your projects.
    Please reply to my email given, or phone me on ….
    Thanks – and again, your goal of setting up a café-gallery or ‘art barn’ sounds really exciting!

  2. Whoops – sorry – didn’t realise this would get posted on your website!!
    You can remove once you’ve got the info it you like 🙂

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